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Can you install spyware to monitor your spouse whether on his/her hand phone or computer? The answer of many people is wondering can find in the recent reported case in the news.  A nurse’s husband is engaging private investigator to install spyware  in her personal computer after their relationship turn sour.
The brief summary of the case was her husband is showing the email that her wife sent photos to the other man and the source is illegally obtained from her computer.

The question is fall on can her husband engaged Private investigator or acting him self by install a spyware at his wife’s PC and obtained those information and photos ? With the software, it is able to retrieve the email and information in the computer.

The case has turn down by the court as her husband is failed to produce validity of retrieve information to the court. For more details, please visit Asia One.

So is it possible?

To answer the question again, you must obtain any information or evidence in legal means in order to admissible in court. In the case of the nurse’s husband, he is not obtain consent and the information retrieve from the computer from his wife will not be considered in his divorce case. Before taking steps to build up case for any divorce, it is advisable to use a legal means to obtain the evidence so that it can be admissible in court. Any false or illegal action will subject to fine and do not helping the case.

Therefore, it is advisable to get a professional advise on how to obtain the evidence legally and admissible to the court in your favour. Look out for Private Investigator/ Detective Agency that you can trust and experience to handle matrimonial case may save you time and cost. Plan a head and always be safe than sorry.

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