Top Private Investigators In Singapore – Born Out Of Passion To Reveal Truths

We are an agency born out of passion to reveal truths. We uncover the facts so that you can make the right choices during your most crucial moments. When we help you uncover the real facts, you will see beyond the facade and be elevated to a position to make the better decisions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Happy To Work With Privateye”

“Happy to work with Privateye. You were always willing to listen to my concerns or questions and do the necessary follow-up to get the answers we needed. You did a great job collecting, organizing and collating large amounts of data into a very user friendly format. You are not over a very great team player, […]

Mr Johnson

“Professional And Responsive”

“I am thankful that I chose to work with Privateye. They are very professional and responsive. They are very serious with my situation and they mean what they said. I am very satisfied and I would definitely recommend Privateye to anyone who needs private investigators anytime.”

Ms Zhu

“Our Partner Of Choice”

“Once we learned all that Privateye can do, we assigned most of our assignments to them. As a result, Privateye has blown away our expectations both operationally and financially. They truly are our partner of choice.”

Ms Rana

“Strongly Recommended”

“When it comes to Private Investigation work, Privateye is my preferred choice. I have worked with them on numerous occasions and they have never failed. Accurate, fast, responsive- I strongly recommend them.”

Mr Neo