Frequently Asked Questions

In Singapore, a Private Investigator is an individual who provides investigation and surveillance services. A PI is able to conduct investigation and surveillance for clients to gather essential evidence, within the confines of the Singapore Law, to help achieve a client’s outcome or objective.

In Singapore, it is required by law to have a binding agreement (usually a Letter of Engagement) with a PI Agency, for the PI services provided. This agreement will protect both the client, the agency and the investigators.

Privateye recommend clients to take us up on our free consultation, where there is no obligations, at our office for our team to better understand the client’s needs and requirements. From there, we are able to recommend and tailor the best solutions to move forward.

All information and discussion with our team is strictly private and confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

A PI agency is required by law to have a valid operating license to be able to operate and ply their trade in Singapore. The PI agency license is awarded by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of Singapore. If ever in doubt, you can request to their Agency license number to reference with PLRD

Like a PI Agency license, a PI license are also awarded by PLRD. A PI is required to obtain a PI License to be able to ply his/her services as a PI. A PI as an individual, is not allowed to market their services or conduct investigations if they are not registered to a PI Agency’s registrar. A PI can only engage with a client in the Agency’s name, never on his/her own. To put it simply, there are no PIs operating as a sole-proprietor – if ever in any doubt, it is advised to call up an Agency to confirm if there is such an Agent under their registrar.

The cost for engaging a PI really depends on what your objective is. Typically, PI Agencies in Singapore costs from a range of $100 per hour to $300 per hour. A PI Agency will charge by the hour (or man-hours), although there have been cases where an Agency will charge a lump-sum or a package price. Therefore, if a case is naturally more complicated, you can expect there is a high chance to have more costs involved.

Privateye offers free consultation in our office from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (weekends appointments only) so that we are able to understand your case and circumstances before giving any recommendations. Furthermore, there is no obligation to engage us after the consultation.

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